What is Hill-O-Ween?
Murray Hill-O-Ween is a Halloween celebration sponsored by the Murray Hill Preservation Association. The event will feature a block party with food, drinks, contests, prizes and live music, as well as a huge Halloween parade with floats, puppets and costumed characters.

When is Hill-O-Ween?
The event takes place Sunday, October 29 from 4-10 pm. The parade will start at 7 pm and should last around 45 minutes.

Is it free?
Viewing the parade is free. There is a fee to register to be in the parade, and a small fee for adults 21+ to enter the block party.

Is the block party 21+?
No, the block party is family friendly, but adults 21+ need a wristband, which can be purchased at the entrance.

How do I get in the parade?
Entry to the parade is open to anyone. Just fill out the registration form, pay the entry fee and you’re in!

What kinds of entries are allowed?
Parade entries can be as simple as a group of your friends in costumes walking together. Other options are decorate cars, floats and parade puppets. There is no limit to what you can do! Parade puppets are very popular at Halloween events in other cities, you may want to research how to make them. (MHPA reserves the right to reject any entry that is determined to be inappropriate or offensive).

How long is the parade?
The parade route is three quarters of a mile along Edgewood Avenue, starting at the corner of Edgewood and . Here is a map of the route:

Are there prizes?
YES! We will be having a costume contest, so coming in costume is highly recommended!

Can I sponsor the event?
If you or your business would like to be a sponsor there are a limited number of opportunities still available. Email info@murrayhilloween.com for details.

Do I have to live in Murray Hill?
No! Hill-O-Ween is open to everyone.

What if I still have questions?
No problem! Email info@murrayhilloween.com and we’ll answer them!

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